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Why a Launch Monitor?

So you are looking to take your golf game to another level and are searching for a golf launch monitor?
You are at the right place if you are committed to the sport of golf!
It’s an addictive sport and owning your own launch monitor will help you stay on top of your game.

Launch monitors are so cool because they will offer you data that you just can’t get from a standard lesson or practice.
A launch monitor can tell you everything you need to know about your ball flight, launch angle, and help you play better golf and shooting lower scores.
Grabbing your own launch monitor will help you understand in which areas your game needs the most work, and can tell you if you need to switch between different clubs.
The times of mindlessly hitting golf balls may be a thing of the past.

How a Launch Monitor Can Help Your Game

What is a Launch Monitor in Golf?

A launch monitor could be a small device that measures different aspects of what happens to your ball at impact.
They’re commonly used among PGA Tour pros. Launch monitors can provide data that you simply just can’t find anywhere else.
They will help you with the consistency of your game if you are lacking that.
They will also help you to make the perfect swing every time no matter the condition. A golf monitor will let you know if you are hitting a pure shot or not.

Data could be a huge part of improving your game!

With a golf launch monitor, you can practice your swing every day and everywhere, no matter the circumstances.
You can rely on your golf monitor to give you all the data you need, so can focus on perfecting your swing.
Let the launch monitor do the hard work!

Learn How Far You Hit Each Club

If you wish to get your game to a higher level, you've got to grasp exactly how far you hit each club.
Knowing your distances will help you hit more greens!
A launch monitor can show you carry distance and total distance.

Increase Your Swing Speed

If you want to hit further, you have to increase your swing speed.
Launch monitors can tell you the precise speed.
Once you know your swing speed, you can see how you can improve it.

Calculating the correct Spin Rate

Without a launch monitor, you will be guessing your spin rate.
Launch monitors can quickly show you if your clubs are a good or bad fit based on the spin rate.

SkyTrak Golf Simulator & Launch Monitor

$1,995.00 $2,495.00
SAVE $500.00

Ernest Sport ES12 Portable Launch Monitor

Sold Out $249.99
SAVE $50.00

Ernest Sports ES20/20 Golf Launch Monitor/Simulator

Sold Out $8,000.00
SAVE $1,000.00

Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus Launch Monitor/Simulator

Sold Out $3,999.00
SAVE $1,299.00

Ernest Sports ESB1 Golf Launch Monitor

Sold Out $750.00
SAVE $200.00
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